if you ask me what I
came to do
I will tell you:

if you ask me what I came
to dO I will tell you:

i came

live out loud


-Emilio zola


A story-teller and moment-protector. 
A spark-ignitor and confidence-creator. 
A serial entrepreneur. 

At my core, I have an advocate heart and get ‘3-lattes-fired up' when surrounded by people trying to make their dreams a reality. 

I have a low tolerance for both liquor and excuses. —I believe we ALL have the ability to make dreams take flight.

I'm an extroverted-introvert
A short girl with a tall mouth
Ideas set my soul on fire.

Im at my very best when surrounded by fellow fearless and fiery game-changers. 

I am most calm under a little pressure.

I left the corporate ’15-year golden handcuffs’ for camera staps and the launching of entrepreneurial ships.

More of my ideas have “failed" than succeeded. (But the ones that have stood —make me joyous, and proud, and pay our mortgage payments consistently.)

I intend to wring every bit of magic out of this life and use every.crayon. in. the. motha’ f@cking. box.

I’m Cass.

things i love